Works by finalist artists 2023.

Mónica Egido Tara Gallery

Mónica Egido (Spain)


Digital photography and performance – 2021


Social Impact: Mental health.

Tara Impact: Artistic production and career development.

Irene Trepo

Irene Trapote (Spain)

“Making territory, tying up ends”

Textile Wool Network – 2023


Social Impact: Ecology and sustainability.

Tara Impact: Women’s entrepreneurship, handicraft workshop.

Enea Lebrum Tara Gallery

Enea Lebrun (Panama-France)


Documentary photography – 2022


Social Impact: Environmental sustainability, species preservation, community and identity.

Tara Impact: Entrepreneurship and training.

Itziar Guzman Tara Galley

Itziar Guzman López (Spain)


Metal – 2022


Social impact: Gender equality, responsible consumption.

Tara Impact: Artistic career development, entrepreneurship.

Laura Siles Tara Gallery

Laura Siles (Spain)

Shadow for this dry port”

Woollen tapestry  – 2021


Social Impact: Environmental sustainability, circular economy, crafts, rural and animal world.

Tara Impact: Visibility and female entrepreneurship.

Elena Martínez Tara Gallery

Elena Marllan (Spain)

“Suggestion Box”

Black thread, canvas fabric – 2022


Social Impact: Revitalise depressed regions (rural Spain).

Tara Impact: Entrepreneurship in cultural management.

Marta Fresneda Tara Gallery

Marta Fresneda (Spain-Italy)

“From Virtue to Vice”

Alabaster Sculpture – 2022


Social Impact: Sustainability, circular economy and recycling.

Tara Impact: Female community, visibility.

Dia Muñoz Tara Gallery

Dia Muñoz (Ecuador)

“Invisible Women””

Steel and blown glass – 2023


Social Impact: Education, gender equality, female visibility.

Tara Impact: Female production.

Cova Rios Tara Gallery

Cova Rios (Spain)


Sculpture with recycled materials – 2018


Social Impact: Recycling artistic waste, ecological awareness, environmental impact.

Tara Impact: Research.