Tara for women

Partners and Collaborators


Our sincere thanks for your generous contribution and support to our mission. Your confidence in our work and your valuable collaboration have enabled us to advance our goals and meet challenges with greater confidence and resources. We feel very fortunate to have your support and look forward to our continued collaboration. We are proud to have you as part of our family and look forward to continuing to grow together.

Sponsors and Art Partners


Tara Partners

You can be part of the Foundation in different ways:

Would you like to be part of the mission of the Tara For Women Foundation? We offer you a unique opportunity to help make a real difference. There are several ways you can join us and support our work.

Financial support

You can make financial donations to support our projects, which will be used in an effective and transparent way to achieve the established objectives.

In-kind support

You have the opportunity to make a valuable contribution by donating specific resources or services. You can support us by donating technological equipment, mobile devices, event spaces, catering and beverage services, workshops for entrepreneurs, prizes, printing and many other ways.

Realisation of ad-hoc projects

We invite you to collaborate on joint projects that are aligned with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and have a positive impact on society. This collaboration will allow us to work together to create meaningful change and contribute to the well-being of our community.

Charity events

Organise charity events, such as talks, charity weddings, charity dinners or other types of events. They can sponsor the event, provide related products or services, or even participate as speakers or special guests.