Open Call Terms 


December 1st. 2022


Until April 9th 2023

Presentation of projects artists:

May 23rd 2023



1.- About Tara Foundation 

Tara For Women Foundation contributes to the progress of society by promoting, connecting and supporting female entrepreneurship that generates social impact.

Among its missions is to work with women around the world, helping and empowering them to achieve their personal and professional dreams. Creating opportunities to which they would not normally have access, through the support of a global network of talent and recognition around the world.

2.- Object and Open Call Terms

For all these reasons, Tara Foundation announces the 1st edition of TARA ART FOR WOMEN, in collaboration with Gärna Art Gallery.  The programme is a horizontal initiative that brings together women artists and promotes a change in the situation of invisibility suffered by women in the art world, through the selection of  three artistic project to be developed during the year 2023 as well as several acquisition awards. 

It is a call for plastic arts with the purpose of supporting women artists, which helps to contribute to their projection and the development of their career, as well as making visible the importance of women as cultural actors and framing the social value that their work represents, promoting their fundamental role in the art world.

 3.- Characteristics of the awards

The jury will award two types of prizes:

1 – Exhibition Prize: 10 exhibition prizes will be awarded to the 10 finalist artists of the contest based on the catalog of works presented by each participant.

2- Three TARA FOR ART Awards consisting on an economic endowment for the three winners: among these 10 finalists and winners of the exhibition award, the jury will also select three prizes consisting of an economic endowment of €10,000 each from TARA FOR WOMEN for the future realization of the three winning projects.

  1. Exhibition Award:

The jury will select 10 finalist artists who will have the opportunity to participate in a group exhibition in a reference space around emerging creation such as Gärna Art Gallery. The management of the exhibition and set-up will be the responsibility of Fundación Tara For Women and Gärna Art Gallery. The complete production of the proposal will be the responsibility of the artists.

To qualify for this award, as established in point 5, the artists must present a catalogue of their work available for exhibition, (between 1 and 10 works per artist will be analyzed by the jury).

 Among all the participants, the jury will select 10 works from among the works presented to be part of the collective exhibition at Gärna Art Gallery from May 23 to 27, 2023, which will be the winners of the “Exhibition Award”.

The 10 finalist artists will have two weeks to send the selected pieces to Gärna Art Gallery (Calle Jorge Juan 12, 28001, Madrid) to form part of the group show.

The selected artists will be in charge of sending their works, as well as coordinating and financially paying for the shipment of the works both outward and return, and they will be responsible for ensuring that the works arrive in perfect condition.

  1. Three TARA FOR ART Economic Endowment Awards:

The jury will select from among the 10 winning artists of the Exhibition Award, three artists who will also be the winners of an award with an economic endowment of 10,000 euros each, destined to finance the development and production of the specific artistic project that the artist has presented in her proposal. The criteria that will be taken into account will be its artistic quality, the social and environmental impact, as well as the entrepreneurial capacity of the contestants and the viability to carry it out.

With this TARA FOR ART Award, it intends to financially support the realization of projects with an environmental and social interest, supporting women artists to undertake in their field. To be eligible for this award, candidates must submit, as described in Point 5, plastic arts or photography project proposal (free-themed) with a fundamental link to social and/or environmental values. In the proposal, the candidates must specify the thematic of the project as well as a budget justifying the purpose of the received economic endowment, as well as a calendar specifying the different stages (see point 5).

The jury will highly value the personal story of each artist/entrepreneur, which will be explained in the video and in a brief memoir.

The 3 prizes valued at €10,000 include the following concepts:

  • Production costs and materials for carrying out the project.
  • Expenses associated with the production of the project.
  • Personalized mentoring program. The artists must present a justified budget with the management of the financing of the project.
  • The artists together with Fundación Tara and the mentor will establish KPIS and quarterly compliance objectives.
  • The receipt of the economic endowment will be subject to compliance with the objectives and KPIS, reserving the Foundation the possibility of claiming the return of the amount delivered if there is a breach of the contract.

4.- Participants

Any female artist with the following requirements may participate: 

    • Female artists over 18 years old without age limit, working in the field of plastic arts, including: painting, sculpture, gold smithing, drawing, engraving, ceramics, textile art and photography. 
    • National or international individual artist.
    • The proposal must deal with any subject that has the aim of reflection and dialogue around a problem with a social and environmental impact, which will be present in the final result of the project. 

5.- Form of participation


The call will be launched on December 1, 2022 on the Fundación Tara For Women website and will remain open until April 9, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Once the term is over, no application will be accepted.

The documentation must be sent through the form included in

In the event that the required data or documentation is incomplete, a rectification period of 2 days is established from the date the documentation is sent. After that period, incomplete applications will be immediately rejected.

Candidates must submit the following documentation through the digital form: 

  • Full name, contact telephone number, email, city and country of residence.
  • Confirmation of legal age.
  • 2-minute video introducing himself and explaining the impact that the presented project will have, both personally and socially.
  • High resolution photographs of the works presented. The title of each work must contain the following information: NombreArtista_TítulObra_Dimensiones_Técnica_Price.
  • The jury will analyze between 1 and 10 works for each artist.
  • Artistic portfolio in PDF format that contains:
    1. Artistic CV with a maximum length of two A4 sheets.
    2. Artistic statement with a maximum length of two A4 sheets
    3. Explanation of how your artistic project has a social impact. Indicating the main SDGs on which your project impacts.
    4. Budget that justifies the needs and expenses of the project.
    5. Project calendar: document that shows in order the different tasks and milestones that make up the project, the relationships of precedence and antecedence between them, their duration, and the beginning and end of the project.
    6. Do you have a story as an entrepreneur? If your answer is yes, describe it briefly.

6. Evaluation Criteria

Only plastic works will be accepted: painting, sculpture, gold and silver work, drawing, engraving, ceramics and textile art. 

In the event of being one of the 10 finalists for the exhibition prize, the artists undertake to reserve the selected works for the exhibition until the end of May 2023. Furthermore, they undertake to send the selected works to Gärna Art Gallery in perfect condition and ready for exhibition, and to collect them within the period indicated, taking care of the costs associated with the transport and packaging of the works.

The evaluation criteria to be applied by the jury are as follows:

– Professional artistic background of the artist. 

– Impact generated by the Tara Foundation proposal on the artist’s life.

– Artistic coherence of the proposal.

– Degree of dialogue established by the artist with social or environmental issues and the impact of her work on society.

– Appropriateness of the proposal to the values of the Tara Foundation.

– Economic viability of the proposal and the entrepreneurial capacity of the contestants.

7.- Selection of the proposal

The call for proposals will be decided by a jury made up of: 

1. Representatives of Gärna Art Gallery.

2. Representatives of the Tara Foundation.

3. Representatives of an important contemporary art collection.

4. Artist of recognised prestige.

5. Director of a prestigious fair.

The jury will be made up of professionals from the art world and will be responsible for selecting up to ten works that will form part of the exhibition TARA ART FOR WOMEN 2023 as well as the three winning projects. The jury’s decision will be final.

8.- Timetable of the proposal


Based on the documentation submitted by the artists, 20 of them will be selected to move on to the second phase. 

The resolution of the jury of the first phase announcing the 10 finalist artists will be published on 03/05/2023 on the website and social networks of the Tara Foundation, as well as individually by email to the 10 selected finalists. 


The 10 finalist artists will have two weeks to send the selected pieces to Gärna Art Gallery (Calle Jorge Juan 12, 28001, Madrid) to be part of the group exhibition. 

The participants must be the legitimate owners of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the works submitted, and must not have transferred the rights to them to third parties.

The selected artists will be responsible for sending their works and for ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition, as well as for their return at the end of the exhibition on 28 May 2023. 


Presentation of the finalists projects to the jury in person at Gärna Art Gallery (Calle Jorge Juan 12, Madrid) on 23 May 2023 (the day before the opening of the exhibition). In case of inability to travel, the option of presenting the project to the jury by video call will be provided. 

After the presentation of the finalist projects, the jury will meet and vote for the three winning artists of the Call by majority vote, taking into account the named criteria. 


The selected works will be exhibited at Gärna Art Gallery from 24-27 May 2023 in a proposal curated by the gallery. During the opening event on 24 May 2023, the jury will announce the three winning artists.


The stipulated production period for the three winning projects will be 6 months, between 24 May 2023 (date of announcement of the winners) and 30 November 2023 (deadline for delivery). A comprehensive schedule of the different stages and delivery dates of the projects will be provided to the winning artists once the results of the competition have been announced.

9.- Acceptance of the Open Call Terms

Participation in this Open Call Terms implies full knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions in their entirety, as well as the agreement with the decision of the Jury. 

Tara Foundation reserves the right to modify the conditions of this Open Call at any time, as well as to cancel it or leave it without effect, provided that there is a justified cause for doing so. In any case, it undertakes to communicate the modified terms and conditions and, should the case arise, the cancellation of the Open Call as a whole, so that all participants have access to this information.

10.- Data protection policy.

Customer data protection information



Identity: Fundación Tara Mujeres Emprendedoras (hereinafter “Tara For Women”).

TAX ID: G06928824

Address: C/Montesa 35, Esc. Izq. 4to. Piso Pta. Dcha. Madrid. CP 28006. Spain.

Telephone: +34 633 23 42 94


Contact data protection delegate:

PURPOSE: To manage the draw and notification. Use and publication of your image (photographic) on the website and social networks of the responsible companies, free of charge, to promote your work. 

LEGITIMACY: The need to execute the Open Call, as well as your consent for the use and publication of your image on the website and social networks of the responsible companies. 


Addressees: GÄRNA ART GALLERY S.L. (B88592217)- C/ JORGE JUAN 12 28001 Madrid (MADRID),

CONSERVATION: For the duration of the draw and, once it has ended, for as long as it is published in the indicated media and serves the purpose of promotion. 

RIGHTS: You may exercise your right of access, rectification, suppression, portability, limitation, opposition and withdrawal of your consent at any time, by contacting the data of the above-mentioned data controllers. Likewise, in the event of any discrepancies, you may lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Agency (

The artists yields the rights of reproduction in social networks and audiovisual media of the works presented, always within the framework of the Open Call in question Tara Foundation undertakes to ensure the correct and complete mention of the works.

IMAGE RIGHTS OF THE WINNERS: The winning artists authorise the capture of their images in photographs and videos, taken during the TARA project, for the purpose of guaranteeing the peaceful use of the same to the Tara Foundation and Gärna Art Gallery for the informative or promotional dissemination of its foundational activity, through the foundation’s website, social networks, media, as well as for the dissemination of their work through the Tara Foundation’s  media, as well as for the publication of brochures, videos or compilation or promotional catalogues of the foundation’s activity, without any commercial use, for the maximum period of time permitted by current legislation and for any international geographical area and any type of medium.

Do you authorise the use and publication of your image for the purposes indicated?

[Yes [ ] No

Name and Surname


11.- Obligations of the winners

The winning artists undertake to carry out their projects within the established deadlines. 

The Tara Foundation may, during the period of the development of the project, directly or by delegation, evaluate the use and development of the project. The Tara Foundation reserves the right to suspend the financing of the project in case of non-compliance with the accepted responsibilities by any of the contestants. 

The winners will mention in the dissemination and exhibition of the pieces produced during the project that they have been produced within the framework of the TARA ART FOR WOMEN OPEN CALL. 

The winners will undertake to donate one of the works resulting from the winning project to the Tara Foundation for its collection.

12.- Intellectual property rights

The winners of the Open Call authorise the Tara Foundation and Gärna Art Gallery to disseminate, distribute, exhibit, publicly communicate, disclose and reproduce their work.

They also authorise the publication and dissemination of their work in different written or audiovisual media, with the aim of publicising the prize to the whole world and for the maximum period permitted by law. 

13.- Exemption from liability

The Tara Foundation and Gärna Art Gallery are exempt from any liability that may arise from possible errors in the data provided by the winners, inaccuracies or impossibility of identification. They will also be exempt from liability in case of an error in the delivery of any prize if this is due to causes beyond their control or lack of diligence on the part of the winners.

Art Tara For Women

Awards Open Call

2022-2023 Open Call Terms tara fundation

3 Tara For Women Foundation awards to winning artists:

  • Three artists will be awarded with a 10,000€ price to finance theh implementation of the three specific artistic projects selected by the jury.
  • The following will be taken into account: artistic quality, social impact and economic viability to carry out the project (business plan).
  • One of the pieces executed during each artist’s grant will be donated to Foundation Tara for its collection.
  • The awards include a mentoring programme and professional advice during the execution of the project.

10 Exhibition Awards to finalist artists

  • The 10 finalist artists will be part of a group show at Gärna Art Gallery.
  • Advice to the selected artists on career strategy and pricing in the current art market, as well as an introduction to Gärna Art Gallery’s network of collectors

Open Call Schedule


December 1st. 2022


Until April 9th 2023

Notice of 10 finalists:

May 3rd 2023

Presentation of projects artists:

May 23rd 2023


From May 24th to 27th 2023